Walls, Windows & Floors: Indoor Shutters

Not a fan of curtains or shades? We like the way painted (and unpainted) shutters filter the light in unexpected ways. For sourcing ideas, see Walls, Windows & Floors: Black Interior Shutters, featuring Smith & Noble products.

Peter  20  Margonelli  20  photo  20  shutters

Above: A bedroom from the portfolio of Peter Margonelli.

shutters in the bathroom

Above: A bath in the UK via Light Locations.

Madeline  20  stuart  20  Pasadena  20  designer

Above: A house in Pasadena by designer Madeline Stuart.

Shutters  20  Pure  20  Style  20  Blog

Above: Shutters painted gray, via Jane Cumberbatch’s Pure Style.

Shutters  20  Daryl  20  Carter  20  Bath

Above: Wooden shutters in Washington, DC-based Darryl Carter’s townhouse, via Point Click Home.

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