The Woodsman Tavern and Market in Portland, OR

Reason enough to contemplate a move to Portland, OR: the Woodsman Tavern & Market, a pitch-perfect Pacific Northwest watering hole and seafood grill with an adjacent artisan-focused market.

Despite the been-there-forever look of the interiors, owner Duane Sorenson (of Stumptown fame) rehabbed the space from the ground up, with new banquettes stained to look old and a collection of vintage landscape paintings bordering on the kitsch. GQ‘s Alan Richman called the Woodsman one of the best new restaurants of 2012 (chef Jason Barwikowski “steals smartly and shamelessly from around the globe,” he says). For more information, go to the Woodsman Tavern and Market.

Photos by David Lanthan Reamer (his blog, Sixty Seconds with David Reamer, chronicles his adventures as a Portland, OR-based food photographer and is well worth a visit), unless otherwise noted.

700 woodsman tavern paintings

Above: The moody interiors are more Twin Peaks than Portlandia.

700 woodsman tavern 19

Above: A collection of thrift-store landscapes depict the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

700 woodlands bar scene

Above: A view of the bar and dining areas.

700 woodlands dining table 2

Above: Long tables for communal dining.

The Woodsman Tavern and Market in Portland OR portrait 7

Above: High-gloss painted ceilings and Edison bulbs add a gleam to the otherwise somber interiors.

700 woodsman tavern fire

Above: A woodfire inferno.

700 woodlands market eater

Above: The Woodsman Market interior; photo via Eater.

700 woodsman bagel tower

Above: Locally sourced offerings.

700 woodlands flower cart

Above: Flowers and produce, reimagined.

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on October 3, 2012.

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