Holiday Gift Guide: For the Scandinavians

As a Swede, I am biased to most things made in Scandinavia. Here are a few gift option to consider for your friends who love Nordic design.

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700 ferm living candle holder wooden

Above: A Candleholder String by Ferm Living; $120 from Huset.

700 stelton vacuum pitcher

Above: One of my friends gave me the Erik Magnussen’s Stelton Vacuum Jug, and we use it all the time. Available in six different colors, the jug is $75 from Horne.

700 fine little day pillow

Above: Gran Pillow in black is designed by Elisabeth Dunker; €37 from Fine Little Day.

Holiday Gift Guide For the Scandinavians portrait 6

Above: The Dala Horse from Mjölk is $25; it’s available in black or white.

Holiday Gift Guide For the Scandinavians portrait 7

Above: The perfect book for any Scandi lover, Simply Scandinavian is $19.77 from Amazon.

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