Garota do Calhau

At Maison et Objet I saw the fabulous luminous bench designed by Madeira-based architect/designer Nini Andrade Silva. It was one of the most stunning pieces at the Fair and I had to ask the designer a few details:

Garota do Calhau

What inspired the design?
The Garota do Calhau (Girl of the Pebble) collection is inspired by the rolling pebbles of Madeira Island and in the memory of a history — not only my own history but also of the young boys from Madeira Island who, far back in the previous centuries, walked barefoot on the pebble beaches covered in salt and spray.

Can you give us five facts you would like readers to know about the design?
I will not give you five facts but only one that makes the difference: Garota do Calhau’s aim is to help the poor and disfavored children. A charity foundation of the same name was formed to give opportunities to the unprivileged. Part of the profit of these unique pieces goes to the foundation.

1697333427 336 Garota do Calhau

1697333427 615 Garota do Calhau

What is the design made of? What are the options?
The Sun Pebble Sensation Sofa as a structure made by fiberglass or aluminum and coating in synthetic rattan. The base has a mattress.

Are there additional matching pieces?
Yes, the Garota do Calhau sofa design has resulted in several, exclusive and unique furniture pieces including a table, sofa, sunlounger “Love Pebble” single Pebble, chaise lounge and modular sofa.

1697333427 981 Garota do Calhau

Garota do Calhau

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